Our next book

Ayer and her family welcomed us for a lovely evening. She gave the group a choice between two options: a book about Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis; or, Rupert Everett’s autobiography, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins. The group came down on the side of Mr E.

It is in paperback (slightly revised) and also available from the public library. Or, I have a spare copy of the hardback which a colleague no longer wants if anyone wants it….let me (Hilary) know if you are interested.  She teaches biography writing and really rated it.

Another book with pictures.  I like this trend!

Here’s a picture from the BAFTAs last month so you can draw your own conclusions about the debated face-melt situation!


One comment

  1. Sorry I won’t be around to discuss Roop’s biog should be entertaining!!

    May I ask you all to come and join me for a tea party when I get back from Scotland
    Sun May 2nd 2010 3 – 6pm
    at my house
    family welcome but my house isn’t little people proof

    and when I say tea party I mean Long Island Iced tea 🙂

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