Sarah’s pick

To shelter us from the storms and wind, Sarah hosted a lovely evening.  She recommended the TV Book Club show with Jo Brand and my favourite biomedical scientist, Dave Spikey (who is excellent live).  The panel had recently discussed ‘The Legacy‘ by Katherine Webb which will be our next book.

Unfortunately, the public library service only has one copy at the moment (although 10 are on order) and there’s a queue of 12 reservations.  On the upside it is in paperback and is £3.20 from Amazon.  So, it should be reasonably priced on a high street near you, too!

And, I was supposed to look something up and post the answer here, but the gin has blanked whatever it was from my mind, so here’s something else that the conversation travelled to…

And the book I was rambling on about being wonderful was Jasper Fforde’s ‘The Eyre Affair‘. Mr Fforde has a very funny website which gives keeps the obsessed (like me) going between publications.



  1. If you are still looking for ‘The Legacy’ it is in Tesco on a 2-for-1 offer. At least the one near Homebase. And the Chesterfield branch, if you’re passing…

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