Evening at Reem

One thing we didn’t manage to do at last week’s book group was sort out another date for going to Reem. So, we decided to do the discussion over the blog.

What date would be best for you? We have a Christmas night out pencilled in for 16 December. Should we just go for that? Or would it be nice to meet on another night?   To kick things off here are some possible dates:-

Alternative Thursdays

21 October; 18 November; 2 December

Possible Wednesdays

6 October; 27 October; 3 November; 10 November; 17 November

You’ll see I’ve excluded the week’s where we’re already having a book evening.  Anyway, could you check your calendars and vote by Friday 1 October.  Just add a comment to this post and I’ll tally up them up.  (If we can’t find one date we all agree on, I’ll repost the two most popular etc.



  1. Something to bear in mind for the near future is that they’re advertising for a chef! A restaurant without a chef may not be good.

    3rd November fav for me (but any but 21 Oct ok so far)

    Should we also think about the Christmas night? If it’s out we’ll have to book. Special Christmas menus can be grim. Could do our own thing at someone’s house..mine? Can anyone play the piano? We could do carols and mince pies.

    ps Thanks to Hilary making sure I was well fed without hurting my bruised/broken toe: it’s a lot better.

  2. I’m OK with any date I think but it does sound a bit iffy if there is no chef!
    I had 5 years of piano lessons and can play nothing but I am up for some mince pies!

  3. When I said “any date but 2nd Nov” that was true but now I have to be in Birmingham 27th/28th October (it’s half term). Sorry. Obviously if most people can make it then go ahead and I’ll make the next one.

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