YA adventure

The next book is going to be ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins. This is the first book in the Katniss Everdeen series. It is 400+ pages but unputdownable once you get going, I think.

The other suggestions were Chris Cleave’s ‘The Other Hand’ which has a Yarlswood link and ‘The Best of Everything’ by Rona Jaffe which has surged in popularity since it was referenced in Mad Men.

Our next meeting will be in the Park again with Sue’s house as back up if the weather is bad.   Before the 23rd June, Katie is going to try to arrange another night at The Kiln.  This time for soap making.  If you were at the last Kiln evening, your painted crocks are awaiting collection at The Kiln.


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  1. There was talk of seeing the Morris at 18:30 on Wednesday 18th at the Horse and Groom, Clapham. I may not be there now because my mum is probably coming out of hospital that day and I may need to stay with her in Brum.
    The world of English Folk dancing is a weird and wonderful one- and despite the interest of Oberleutnant Walter Praetorius and Nick Griffin- strongly anti-fascist. See http://www.folkagainstfascism.com
    For the wonderful pop artist David Owen that I talked about go to theinkcorporation.co.uk

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