Jubilee edition: Meet Ellie, the Calico Cat

Ellie, The Calico Cat. This photo really doesn’t do her justice.

Well, Jon McGregor didn’t win many fans this month.  It sounds like Orla’s (apologies if spelt wrong!) ‘Stripy Horse’ would have been more exciting.  But it was nice to try short stories again.  Just not these dressed-up writing exercises.

Our next book will be ‘Pigeon

English’ by Stephen Kelman.  He is from Luton and this is his first novel, yet it made the Man Booker shortlist.  Plus it’s in paperback.  Phew!  Kindle, Kobo and iBooks formats are also available.  The library has copies dotted at various branches.  The other suggestions were

  • Elizabeth Haynes ‘Into the darkest corner’ – a thriller; close second choice
  • Victoria Hislop ‘The thread’
  • Julian Barnes ‘The sense of an ending’

Unfortunately, only three people made it to Christine’s.  She laid on a wonderful feast which we happily tucked into (making a surprisingly large dent, considering).  The baked pots were particularly fab.  So, if you missed meeting the beautiful and gracious Ellie, please remember the January meeting’s resolution to send apologies to the hostess in advance.  It was a lovely evening.



  1. My apologies for missing book group Thurs 31 May, it was on my calander had a unusual day and just totally forgot. I WILL be at the next one – missing you all. Enjoy the jubilee celebrations! Lorna 🙂 x

  2. Thanks Sue for hosting our discussions on Pigeon English. Next book: “The Old Ways” by Robert Macfarlane. Its a hardback so the cover price is £20. If you shop on-line you can buy it for £11

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