October’s book

Our next book will be ‘Bad Blood’ by Amanda Coetzee.  She is a deputy headmistress who grew up in Bedford and now lives in Rustenburg.  It’s also only 199 pages and the blurb suggests it’s the kind of book you read in one sitting.

Please note that our hostess for the evening has changed; this month it is going to be Emily.  Emily has a tapestry frame which is free to a new home if anyone is interested you can pick it up on the 18th or before.  Please email Ems directly ( photo below ).

Free to a good home


  1. I think we decided at the last meeting to have our next get together at my place on December 6th which would be more appropriate for Christmas talent-sharing activities then 29th November. Was the book Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison?

    • Thank you, Alison. I was sorry to miss it. I’ve updated the 2012 list with the details. I’m afraid I will miss it as I am taking my mother to Aldeburgh to sit in a caravan. In the bleak midwinter. I foresee lots of fortifying trips to tea rooms and pub lunches.

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