And the Oscar goes to…

March’s hostess (Kathleen) and guests have chosen ‘Argo’ by Antonio Mendez and Matt Baglio as the next book. This was from a selection of books which inspired best picture nominations during the awards season. They agreed It would be nice to do a non-fiction book after a break.

Fret not! We needn’t to foresake carbs, paint ourselves orange or lift/fill anything to go to the next meeting. Spanx will be optional. Joan Rivers will not condemn our wardrobe choices.

Please could someone who was at the meeting advise where we’re going next month. We’d originally pencilled in revisiting Reem or trying the relaunched Burnaby Arms. If this wasn’t discussed please could you vote via the Comments section below. If Burnaby Arms is a popular option, Hilary will double-check with the publicans that we’d be welcome.



  1. Hi Hilary, it was a very select meeting last nite, there being only 3 of us with Rob as special guest. We thought a trip to Reem would be good as it is Sarah’s birthday on the following Sunday. Ummm cake…………………….

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