Reem night

We had a lovely evening at Reem and we got to meet Ella (Emily’s new baby) as a bonus. Very elegant in her bonnet.

Because no one was hosting we hadn’t got book suggestions sorted. So, Hilary & Sarah recommended a book that was popular with their (defunct) uni book group: ‘Bellwether’ by Connie Willis. It could be quite a Marmite book but the Booksmugglers loved it too

Bellwether is pure, undiluted Connie Willis’ own brand of awesome. In terms of storytelling it is reminiscent of both To Say Nothing of the Dog and Doomsday Book with several plotlines that run parallel and appear chaotic at first only to have all threads coming together perfectly in the end.

There are lots of jokes about libraries and HR policies. She’s usually categorised as a Sci-Fi writer (for which she’s won all the prizes going) but this one is slightly atypical. It’s got a lot in common with Carol Shields and Margaret Atwood’s early (campus) books. But funnier.

The public library service have a digital audio player copy but no print editions. It is out in paperback and Blackwells on Charing Cross Road had two copies last weekend. Not checked Waterstone’s in town.


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