I hear Sue, May’s hostess, provided fantastic hot food to thaw out hungry readers. And they have chosen an intriguing book for July’s meeting.

The Trapeze Artist by Will Davis

The Trapeze Artist draws together the past, present and future of one life to create a work of startling dexterity and vision – a haunting and heart-breaking account of a child, a boy, a man, desperate to free himself from the suffocating weight of his desires, his family and his grief. It speaks of what it is to grow up gay in a straight world, to be unable to communicate with those you love, of the sweat, passions and tempers of circus life, and above all, the joyous longing to break free, and to swing higher and higher…

I don’t know where the description is from.

The next meeting will be in Bedford Park (meeting at the pond’s gates) if the weather is nice. If the weather is as autumnal as this morning, we will go to Hilary’s house.


One comment

  1. Looks like weather is going to be wet on Thursday. So I’m happy to host (next-but-one from Sarah’s). Or, do we want to postpone to Friday when it’s meant to be summer-like again?

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