We may not have had a barbecue like our neighbours but the picnic was a feast. And we had dramatic tales of life in Toxteth, family news and a graduand in our midst. It was also nice to welcome a new book-grouper, Sadie.

Our next book is Esther Freud’s Lucky Break. The cover says its her most appealing novel since Hideous Kinky, so it should be a good read for the Summer. As I said, I got it in a bookshop in Aldeburgh just down the road from Walberswick where Esther Freud and David Morrissey have a home which is why it had shelf-appeal. (I think various Freuds have lived in Suffolk over the years.) Her Sea House is actually set in a fictionalised Walberswick and very evocative of it’s edge-of-the-edge feel.

The cover of the really odd one we didn’t go for is below. It practically glows in hardcopy.


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  1. and the time has come to get together and talk about it… I plan to be at Kate’s- especially if I can remember where it is. Can’t promise I’ll have anything positive to say about the small par tof the book I could bear to read!

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