Antique & Vintage Quilt Heritage Day

The glorious Bramble Patch quilt shop in Weedon Bec is holding an exhibition  of antique and vintage quilts, demonstration of traditional hand quilting techniques etc and Macmillan coffee & cakes on Saturday 5th July.  They’ve put some details on their website. Hilary is going and has up to 4 spaces in her car for anyone who’s interested.

Bedford to Weedon usually takes about 50 minutes but it’s worth the trip even when they’ve not got an exhibition. It’s the a fabric paradise, about 3 times bigger than Tudor Rose and just as friendly. One room is mainly batik, one ‘child’, another wools etc. And they’ve got three long-arm machines as well which are mesmerising when you see them in action. (It’s where I got all the fabric for a quilt I made for my mother and they did the long-arming too. I’d never paid for quilting before but it was a really interesting and enjoyable process. Plus my mother got the finished quilt this end of the century.)

Batik Log Cabin
Batik Log Cabin


  1. Quilt is beautiful will have to check whether my sister’s in uk before letting you know about 5.7.14 are you going to Fibre East?

  2. Sounds marvellous but unfortunately can’t do the 5th July. Would love to go over some other time x

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