Sunshine and nibbles

Book business

We had a lovely evening at Lorna’s enjoying the best view in Bedford and the most gorgeous seeded cheese balls. We’d all at least started the Mass Observation book and enjoyed it. The canal book was popular with most people but a bit “Marmite”.

Lorna had selected two intriguing books:

  • Kate Fox ‘Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour’
  • Ruby Wax ‘Sane New World: Taming the Mind’

Hilary and Sarah have both read the Kate Fox one before so we plumped for the Ruby Wax. It’s about mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and draws on her personal experiences and her psychology studies. If it’s anything like that documentary she made about her bizarre parents it should be fantastic.

Nonetheless, the Kate Fox book is excellent and worth reading if you have the time. It was Book of the Week on Radio 4 when it came out originally and includes the experiment (that got lots of media coverage) where she spent hours at a London railway station bumping into people deliberately and counting how many people said “sorry”, when it clearly wasn’t their fault. Sue P recommended having a ‘Sorry’ box in the office to help people (women particularly) break the habit.

Crafting corner

Katie is looking for volunteers for another breast cancer cushion sewing bee.

Hilary mentioned the Busy Quilters and Stitchers group which meets four Saturdays a year at Goldington Academy. The next meetings are 6 September and 8 November. This  BQS flyer for June 2014 gives a flavour of the kind of workshops they run.

Fibre-East 2014 will be on the weekend 26-27 July. It sounds like a posse from the book group (plus Hilary’s mother-in-law) will be visiting on the Sunday. Strength in numbers so we don’t buy our body-weights in wool.


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