A wicked bestiary

After hosting a lovely evening, Kathleen has chosen Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Wicked Bestiary by David Sedaris. This is a book of animal-themed tales, rather than essays and is meant to be as funny as his other books.  I’m sorry I forgot to post the details before I went on holiday. The Arkles – our hosts next month – report it is very readable, with the short story format making it easy to digest so hopefully we can all catch-up. But as our new members will have gathered by now, it is a rare book/month when we all read it, let alone finish.

David Sedaris has a fantastic voice and timing. So if you’d like to imagine him reading to you there are audio clips on the Beeb’s website. He’s a frequent guest on the Daily Show as well. His sister is Amy Sedaris.

I will update the Linus Quilts page soon with details for the project for 9 April. There will be a hand-sewn option for anyone who doesn’t want to use a machine, or ironing and piecing.

The contact details list for 2015 is nearly complete. So far I have updated details for

  • Christine
  • Ebb
  • Katie W
  • Rose
  • Sarah
  • Sara N

If I’ve missed anyone, please can you resend to the email address circulated on the 2014 contact sheet (not my dead account account which included “…@johnsonwestw…”).



  1. Thanks Hilary, Rose will be choosing April’s book for everyone look forward to seeing everyone on 16 April x s

  2. Unfortunately this week’s reading group clashes with Jeremy Harding at the Corn Exchange which we have been got tickets for. So, ‘fraid i won’t be with you again. Have a great night, Alison x

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