Beautiful librarians

Catastrophe at the start of the evening (the Arkles freezing on the pavement whilst a locksmith tried to get them back into 72) but the evening improved. Rose and Sarah eventually got to thaw out with some tea and book group found a new home. Thank you so much to Sara (with an assist from Captain) for welcoming us at such short notice!

Sarah had already chosen our next book. Poetry this time, with the encouraging title ‘The Beautiful Librarians’ by Sean O’Brien. Like the last one, it is available from the Guardian bookshop. However, it doesn’t look like the public library has been swayed by the title.

New dates have been set for book groups in 2016. And Project Linus dates will follow soon.

As discussed I will send the dates as a list and as calendar appointments. And a revised list of contact details will come round too. Please check your email address books/groups because at least 2 people have  not been getting the book group messages.


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  1. Alison Bechdel’s follow-up to ‘Fun Home’ is called ‘Are you my mother?’. And, as the name suggests, you get to explore the mother-daughter relationship and her mother’s perspective on the first book being written. I think I preferred it. But I’d still love to see the musical of Fun Home! Sample here:

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