Happy hearts

We squeezed in an extra Project Linus night. (The next one is on Tuesday 14th June: you’re welcome if you’re free.) Fuelled by chocolate bark, we made made great progress with the Happy Hearts quilt. There’s another 8 squares already prepped to join these 16, seamed together by Rose.

Happy Hearts
Project Linus Quilt Night, June 2016

Sarah told me the title of the new book last night but I’ve forgotten it. I can remember it is by Neil Gaiman and I thought it had ‘blue’ in the title but that doesn’t seem to be right … Possibly it is called The Ocean at the End of the Lane but I’m honestly not sure so don’t go buying it on my wobbly memory!

If you were there on Thursday, please can you put the correct title in the Comments on this post and I’ll update the list of books page accordingly.



One comment

  1. Neil Gaiman’s Ocean at the End of the Lane. Young adult book to contrast with Red Shoes. Great evening making up a Project Linus quilt. Big thanks to Hilary for hosting (fabulous chocolate bark) and doing all the preparation 🙂

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